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Delivery system
Our delivery system is tailored to suit you. We offer weekly deliveries within Victoria and southern New South Wales. Our vans are refrigerated to guarantee your orders arrive fresh! Our delivery and freighting attract no charge once your order reaches our minimum amount. Orders below this minimum need to be picked up from our premises. All orders, irrespective of order amount, can be picked up (retail) from our premises if it suits you.

Our stock is collected within 12 hours prior your order being delivered; therefore your delivery arrives with the maximum shelf life possible. To aid this further, we accept your orders from one financial year before you require the order, up to 11am the day before your delivery (excluding weekends).

There is the option to pick up directly from our premises.  

Ordering options
We are open from 8am and close at 4pm, Monday to Friday. We are closed on weekends and public holidays, though you can place your orders at any time through our online order site, fax or email.

Our competent and friendly office staff take your orders via our online store, fax, email or telephone.

We can also arrange:

  • Recurring/standing orders – ongoing orders that do not change, unless you request differently.
  • Frequent orders – same stock is ordered each time, but varying quantities.
  • Invoice totals – to advise you in advance of the delivery of invoice totals for ease of payments.
  • ID sheets (which can be laminated by request) – handy visual aid for simple ordering.
  • Call lists – scheduled call by our staff, at a time arranged by you, to prompt you for an order.
  • Advice on navigating our website.
  • Products’ useby dates advice – to help maximise stock management.
  • Hints and tips on how to store and serve your products, as well as recipes
  • We can supply weddings and functions with large orders.
  • Cakes can be supplied with plaques for birthdays, engagements, office parties and other special occasions. These need to be ordered in advance.
  • Orders can be booked up to one financial year ahead.

Payment options
We offer flexible methods of payment: cash, cheque or electronic payment. We do offer accounts, but these are governed by terms and conditions. Please call our staff for further details. 

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Gippy Gourmet’s E-Newsletter
We offer a regular newsletter that is emailed to you. It informs you of new products and manufacturers, specials, online developments, staff introductions and hints to help you get the most out of your business.

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Business support/mentoring

Our owner, Stephen, is a second generation baker and pastry cook. Having owned bakeries and cafes in the past, Stephen knows how important your time and money is to you. He has a wealth of ideas and networks he can share with you to help get the most out of your time and to expand your current clientele. 

Feel free to submit your questions to Stephen via fax, email or our website.



We welcome your feedback and ideas on our products, services and trends in the market. Should you wish to contact us on these matters, please go to Contact Us.